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The Atria Trade Finance Fund manages a number of debt strategies on behalf of clients, with a particular focus on fixed income securities issued by corporates with significant business interests in Africa.

These debt strategies are often linked to inflation targets or benchmarks, where we have particular experience of working with pension funds to help them meet their liabilities, using the asset classes at their disposal.


The Atria Franchise Fund invests mainly in listed equity and equity-related securities of companies that have significant business interests in Africa. Our strategy focuses on three investment themes which we believe will benefit most from economic development in Africa: urbanisation, growth of the middle class and rising disposable incomes.

We seek to invest in businesses whose shares are trading at a discount to our assessment of their intrinsic value, as determined by our internally developed, bottom-up methodology, combined with regular contact with the relevant management team.


The Atria Trade Finance Fund offers an alternative source of funding to bank finance, and is structured to support trade and working capital for corporates and SMEs involved in trade. Trade finance represents a high yielding alternative asset class, with minimal volatility and limited correlation to broader markets.

Risk management forms an important part of our trade finance business: we seek to manage interest rate risk by holding assets to maturity, while reducing currency risk by securitising assets in US Dollars and reducing credit risk by financing short-dated, self-liquidating trade transactions.

Private Equity

Atria structures, finances and manages private equity transactions, acting as agent as well as principal, depending on the opportunity. Our team seeks co-investment opportunities, providing much needed growth capital to African businesses. With listed African equity markets often volatile, Private Equity provides an opportunity to make long-term returns without the day to day fluctuations of financial markets. We apply the same stringent valuation and risk management methodologies as we do across other asset classes, with our unique network of corporate contacts ensuring that we source attractive investment opportunities.


Atria's Haven Property Strategy was launched in January 2018, offering investors lower volatility and inflation protection along with development upside. It was seeded with our first mixed use development in a regional capital city. A 170 acre site, that covers 60 acres for industrial use and 110 acres subdivided for resale or development. The site is strategically situated with access to all SADC countries.


Our venture capital business seeks to provide entrepreneurs with the funding needed to develop businesses that are capital constrained but otherwise have excellent prospects of success. This, combined with our access to industry leaders and mentorship programme, provides start-ups with the tools needed to achieve success.

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